Citation Guides

Citation Guides

1 China Seismic Experimental Site maintains an open and collaboration policy, warmly welcome scientists from the international community to participate in studies. We will provide basic data and models of the region, including fault map, crustal velocity models, GPS velocity field, etc. At the same time, we also warmly welcome scientists to archive their data in our server and share them through our website .

2 The data provided by the China Seismic Experimental Site includes community models of fault geometry, GPS velocity field, and crustal velocities, etc. Each dataset contains standard data format (longitude, latitude, depth, velocity, and error.) Published data is accompanied with a readme file: first the data name, followed by a short description, followed by the image format file of the data, below which is the doi number of the data or the map and a link for downloading the data. The first round of data comes from all the raw observation data, as well as meta data such as station and instrument information, submitted to the Center Administration by the projects funded by China Seismic Experimental Site.

3 Please comply with the protection of intellectual property rights when using the data provided through our website. One category of data consists of those provided by scientists, not necessarily published in scientific journals. This kind of data will be given a unique doi number. Please cite the doi number of the data. The second category consists of data already published in journals, for which the reference is the same as journal referencing. Intellectual property protection can be done in the following ways:

Adopt the following unified format in the Acknowledgement:

Data for this study are provided by China Seismic Experimental Site at Institute of Earthquake Forecasting, China Earthquake Administration.

Use the following format for DOI quote:

Yang Panxin. 2018. The satallite image of the China Seismic Experimental Site. doi: 10.12093/04et.02.2018.01.v1

4 The procedure of producing shared data from the China Seismic Experimental Site: The scientific data published in our website will go through peer-review process, similar to an article published in a scientific journal. After peer review, the data provider is requested to revise in accord with reviewers’ opinions. After revision, the Center Administration will assign a doi number to the revised data and published it on the website.

Preparation commission (Prep Comm) of scientific products

Guo Xun Institute of Disaster prevention

Huang Qinghua Peking University

Shao Zhigang Institute of Earthquake Forcasting, CEA

Sun Ke Institute of Earthquake Forcasting, CEA

Sun Wenke University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wang Hua Guangdong University of Technology

Wen Ruizhi Institute of engineering mechanics, CEA

Wu Jinsheng Sichuan Earthquake Agency

Wu Yanqiang The first monitoring and application center, CEA

Wu Zhongliang Institute of Earthquake Forcasting, CEA

Yang Hongfeng The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Yang Zhousheng Yunnan Earthquake Agency

Yao Huajian University of Science and Technology of China

Zeng-liu Jing Institute of Geology, CEA

Zhao Junmeng Institute of Tibetan plateau research, CAS

Zhang Huai University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zhao Lianfeng Institute of geology and geophysics, CAS

Zhang Wei Southern University of Science and Technology

Zhang Xiaodong Institute of Earthquake Forcasting, CEA

Zheng Guodong Lanzhou center for oil and gas resources,Institute of geology and geophysics, CAS

Zheng Yong China University of Geosciences

Zhou Shiyong Peking University